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Back to Grad School Challenge

Are you feeling unstressed and perfectly prepared for grad school this semester?

Is your answer "no"? It's ok if it is...

The Back to Grad School Challenge will:

  • help you determine two main goals for this semester

  • walk you through planning a strategy for meeting those two goals

  • help you set your self up for a successful semester, every semester.

  • give you access to the FB community just for grad students

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This FREE Challenge will walk you through:


Setting Goals

Before you start (or go back to) grad school, think about your immediate goals for the semester and determine what tasks need to be done to reach them.


Planning Actionable Strategies

Once you determine your goals, the next step is to figure out how to reach them.


Finding Time for Yourself

Figure out what you love to do and do it!  So simple.  Why don’t grad students do this?


Back to Grad School Productivity Masterclass.png

Masterclass:  How to Create a Productive Weekly Schedule with "Me Time" Built in

The Back to Grad School Challenge also comes with a FREE masterclass that will walk you through creating a weekly schedule for yourself that keeps you on track, more productive and organized, and less stressed.