Productivity Accelerator


Want to know the top struggles grad students writing their thesis or dissertation tell me about?

  • they feel isolated

  • they struggle with perfectionism

  • they set unrealistic goals

  • they make plans to write, but don’t follow-through

Sounds frustrating, right?

If you are struggling with any of the above, I’ve got some happy news…

I’ve created something for you!

It’s called the Productivity Accelerator for Writing and it’s a 5-day accountability and productivity program just for you if you are a grad student who wants to stay focused and motivated while writing your thesis or dissertation.

Are you ready to make writing progress?



The Productivity Accelerator for Writing begins with goal-setting. Step 1 is figuring out what and how much you want to accomplish regarding your thesis during the 5-day program. The Productivity Accelerator for Writing includes:

  • a group coaching/strategy session

  • planning strategy worksheet

  • creating your (repeatable) 5-day plan


The second step of the program, is all about holding yourself accountable. This is a group program for a reason. The Productivity Accelerator for writing will include a community of like-minded grad students as well as:

  • virtual community work sessions

  • accountability partners

  • daily check-ins


Raise your hand if you love to plan! Most of us do! But actually following through with your plans is the hardest part. In the Productivity Accelerator for Writing, we will use the pomodoro method to:

  • help you start (and beat procrastination)

  • move from abstract plan to concrete work

  • keep you focused on what’s important

Who is running the program?


I’m Toyin, the founder of The Academic Society. I got my PhD in Math in 2016 and landed my dream job as a Lecturer at a university. I found that I have a passion for helping grad students survive grad school. After 3 years of speaking with grad students about their struggles and frustrations with grad school, I’ve found that accountability and community were severely lacking for them. So I created the Productivity Accelerator Method to help.

This particular program was built to meet the needs of the many grad students in my community who are having a hard time staying focused and motivated while writing their thesis/dissertation.



The Productivity Accelerator for Writing costs $10 and is only open to grad students writing their thesis or dissertation.

Who is the program for?

The Productivity Accelerator for Writing is for grad students who are writing this summer. You must have a Facebook account to participate in all of the events.

When is the program happening?

The Productivity Accelerator will open with a group planning/strategy session on Sunday, June 23 at 8pm EST. The writing and co-working sessions will be Monday, June 24 - Friday, June 28. There will be sessions every day, multiple times a day in the afternoon and evenings (and some mornings) Eastern Standard Time. The official schedule for the co-working sessions will be released soon. The program will close with a final group coaching session on Saturday, June 29 to help you continue productively writing after the program.

Below is the tentative schedule. All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Productivity Accelerator Schedule The Academic Society.png

Is the program helpful?

Grad students who have gone through the Productivity Accelerator program have told me “it’s a helpful push and provides some level of accountability and structure for tackling a key goal.”

I would highly recommend the Productivity Accelerator! I had several major projects due in the weeks following the program, so enrolling in this program was extremely helpful. The co-working sessions helped me stay focused and motivated to get my work done.
— Alice, Neuroscience Doctoral Student

Now, it’s your turn! Join for $10

How do you sign up?

You can sign up for the Productivity Accelerator for Writing by filling out the form below. After submitting the form, you will be redirected to a PayPal checkout page. After paying, you will receive an email confirmation and invitation to the private Facebook group for the program.