3 Must-Haves for Ultimate Accountability in Grad School

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to getting a graduate degree. Taking classes, reading assignments, writing papers, giving presentations, being a TA, going to conferences, conducting research, choosing a research area, finding an advisor, teaching classes, applying for jobs, and…oh yeah, trying to adult and have a social life too!

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, which makes it so easy for you to be over-stressed and experience burnout.

But there is definitely no reason to do it ALONE.

If you are familiar with The Academic Society, you know that we believe in accountability. Accountability can be the difference between making plans and schedules but still getting nothing done and actually following through on those plans.

In this post, I’ll be sharing three key tools to help you follow through on your goals and plans and actually get stuff done!

3 Must-Haves for Ultimate Accountability in Grad School | The Academic Society for Grad Students | Grad School Tips

Accountability Partners

The first tool to help hold you accountable is actually a person. I highly recommend that every grad student have an accountability partner. In grad school, a great candidate for an accountability partner is someone who is dedicated to both productivity and self-care in grad school.

In an accountability relationship, you can set up a time each week to meet (in person or virtually) and set goals for yourself for the week. Your accountability partner can help you set realistic goals each week so that you work on the right things. Remember, we want to be productive, not just busy.

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Co-working Sessions

Have you ever had a co-working session in grad school? I have literally been my most productive self when I work in a co-working session! You can do these virtually or in person. When I was in grad school, me and one of my besties would either go to a library or coffee shop together on the weekends just to sit next to each other and get work done independently.

There’s something about sitting next to someone who is being productive that keeps you motivated to do the same. I find that when I work alone, I’m more likely to get distracted or quit earlier than I should.

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Public Affirmations

When I set a goal for myself, I find it helpful to share it with others. That way I feel more convicted to get my work done because I don’t want to be a liar! Lol! A great place to share your goals is in an online community like my Facebook group for grad students. I often post accountability threads in that group to see what my grad students are working on and check back in on them later in the week.

How to Get Started with Accountability in Grad School

I definitely recommend finding an accountability partner, having co-working sessions, and joining a community to share what you are working on. But that may seem overwhelming to do on your own. I actually offer all three of these tools in my program for grad students called the Productivity Accelerator.

The Productivity Accelerator Method is a two-week productivity sprint to help you be more focused and productive in grad school so that you can actually get stuff done instead of stressing over the amount of stuff you have to get done.  This method consists of three major components: planning, accountability, and follow-through. So if you are good at planning and setting goals but struggle with actually following through and implementing those plans, the key piece you are missing is accountability.  And the Productivity Accelerator Method will help you with that missing piece.

Goal Setting

The Productivity Accelerator begins with goal-setting. Step 1 is figuring out what and how much you want to accomplish in grad school during the 2-week bootcamp. The Productivity Accelerator includes:

  • a strategy session with Toyin

  • backwards design roadmap

  • creating your 2-week plan


The second step of the program, is all about holding yourself accountable. This is a group program for a reason. The Productivity Accelerator will include a community of like-minded grad students as well as:

  • community work sessions

  • accountability partners

  • daily check-ins


Raise your hand if you love to plan! Most of us do! But actually following through with your plans is the hardest part. In the Productivity Accelerator, we will use the 2-week sprint method to:

  • help you start (and beat procrastination)

  • move from abstract plan to concrete work

  • keep you focused on what’s important

So what do you think? Have some work you really need to get done in the next couple weeks? Interested in joining the Productivity Accelerator to be paired up with another grad student as your accountability partner and have co-working sessions for two weeks? You can sign up to be on the waitlist for the program to be the first to know when the program is offered (2-3 times a semester).