The Academic Society Manifesto

The Academic Society inspires grad students to renounce stress and overwhelm for a lifestyle of intention, purpose, and passion.


When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought in my mind is "today is a good day."

After that, I make a plan...aka decide what to wear for the day.

My heart glows when I see people helping others.

My customers are my little sisters [and brothers] and I'm their big sister.

In my world, a plan is an absolute necessity but TV, movies, and shopping are always a fabulous idea.

Stress is overrated and burnout is a definite NO!

Fantasizing about binge watching a TV show is totally reasonable.

Striving for success is a must.

But at the end of the day, just being able to keep it together is all that really matters.

At the end of my career, I want to be remembered as "the person who gave what she had to help who she could."

And inspired others to help too...and look good while doing it.


The Academic Society was created to help graduate students find the sweet spot in the intersection of #adulting and #gradschool through time management and organization.

You can expect blog posts about developing a grad school strategy, planning productive weeks, and managing your time efficiently so that you don't lose who YOU are while you are in graduate school.

You can also expect posts about improving teaching evaluations, how to create a standout application package for your dream job, as well as how to survive your dissertation defense.

The Academic Society has now expanded to help new faculty members as well.  Faculty members can expect posts about staying organized and managing your time, how to set yourself up for promotion, and applying for jobs if you don't have a permanent position.

The Academic Society is different from other college and professional blogs because it is dedicated to serving graduate students and written by someone who has been there, done that, and landed her dream job!

About The Academic Society

Hi!  My name is Toyin and I survived getting my Ph.D. in Mathematics and landed a job in academia (because teaching is my passion).  And I want the same for you!

I was hired at the University of Georgia where I get to enjoy the feel of a large Research 1 institution but teach small classes.  (All of my classes are capped at 19 students!  Yesss!)

I started The Academic Society in 2017 to help Ph.D. students not just survive in graduate school but to THRIVE!

I also want to help new faculty members with their organization and time management skills, job applications, and promotion plan.

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I hope that you enjoy The Academic Society and I look forward to sharing my journey with you!