Teaching Outfits for the First Week of Classes

Can you believe fall semester has started again?  Summer wasn't quite long enough for me but I always enjoy getting prepared for a new semester.  If you've been a part of The Academic Society for a while, you know I'm a planner.  I love to set goals for myself, make schedules, and to-do lists to keep myself organized and productive throughout the semester.

And style is no different.  I love planning and putting different outfits together.  When I was in elementary school, I would create a full August calendar of outfits that I planned to wear for the first month of school.  Then I would hang up the items I planned to wear for the first week of classes IN ORDER in my closet.

I don't quite do that now.  But I do still plan my outfits the night before I have to teach.  That helps my morning routine run so much more smoothly.

This semester I'm teaching an 8am class so I need to be up and out of the door in a timely and organized fashion each morning.  I think I did a pretty good job this week.  Anyway, this post is all about what I wore to school for the first week of classes.

There will be shoppable links for each outfit.  And if something is really old, like my first dress, I'll find something similar for you.  Some of theses links will be affiliate links which means, if you purchase from my links, I may receive a commission from your order at no additional cost to you.  #sidehustle

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Also, I filmed a YouTube video of all of my outfits as well if you prefer to see my teaching outfits in motion.



Monday Teaching Outfit

Monday was the first day of classes for me.  And I usually like to wear pants on the first day of classes. But this time I decided to go for a dress.  I always make it a point to look more "professional" on the first day of classes so my students don't assume I'm one of them.

Teaching outfit for the first week of classes, blue dress, dress for teaching, ootw, The Academic Society

I bought this dress like 3-4 years ago and I still love it.  It's by Nine West and it's very high quality.  One of the things that made this dress a great candidate for the first week of classes is that it has lining inside which helps your sweat not show through.  Because first day jitters is still a thing for me.  And working technology in front of a group of people who don't know you is always stressful!

The other stars of my outfit are my shoes.  I love these shoes soooo much!  They are perfect for teaching!  They are by the brand Eurosoft and they are ridiculously comfortable.  I always get compliments from older women on these shoes!  Lol!

Tuesday Teaching Outfit

Tuesday is a really short day for me.  I only teach for 75 minutes...my calculus class meets 4 days a week, so on Tuesday I usually prepare a group activity which means I'm not lecturing.  I'm usually walking around chatting with the students and answering their questions.

So this Tuesday, I decided to wear cropped jeans and a flowy top.  The key to a good teaching shirt, for me, is that it's long in the back.  I teach math so I'm often lifting my arms to explain something or write on the board.  And I don't want my back or my butt to be out!

Teaching outfit, long top, floral top, first week of classes, ootw, The Academic Society

When I wear really flowy, boxy shirts like this one, I like to wear a longer necklace to bring the top closer to my body...so I don't look as boxy.  I'm also really loving these sandals from Target!  They work with just about every outfit!

Wednesday Teaching Outfit

Wednesday was another full day for me.  And after school I play trivia with my friends.  So I wanted to wear an outfit I would be comfortable in all day.  So I decided to wear all black.  My favorite color palette!  The shirt I'm wearing is only $10 at H&M!  Looks like it's on sale for $5.99 but they are out of the color I'm wearing.

Teaching Outfit, black shirt black jeans, first week of classes, ootw, outfit of the week, The Academic Society

I'm also wearing a really cute dainty pendant necklace!  I got it in one of my Trunk Club boxes!  I love adding it when I'm wearing a button front top!

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Friday Teaching Outfit

On Friday, I knew I would have a really long day.  I was covering someone else's class that meets during the small break between my classes.  So that meant I was teaching for 5 hours straight with no breaks and no food!  Therefore, I wanted to be as comfy as possible.  So it was a sneaker day for me.

outfit 4.JPG

I love having a pair of black and white sneakers that go with everything.  For the last two years, I was rocking my favorite adidas sneakers.  And this year, I've been loving these Nike's.  They are perfect for when you have to stand all day long and walk across campus multiple times.

I'm also wearing my favorite jeans by Vince Camuto.  I must buy more pairs in different washes!

So that concludes my teaching outfits of the week.  I hope it gave you some inspiration on what to wear when you teach your classes!

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