What's the worst question you could ever ask a graduate student?

When will you be finished?  Rolls eyes.


For so long, there was no end in sight, but now, you are graduating either this spring or this summer.


And there is still so much left to do...including completing and successfully defending your dissertation.


And I know you will get it all done and become Dr. [INSERT LAST NAME HERE].

So, today I want you to think about the next step!

You know the one after grad school is done and you are thrust into the real world to start a career and life of your own.


Well, it's happening soon and you need to start applying now!


But how?  Grad school prepares you for the job, not to apply for the job!


You've been so laser focused on your field and area of expertise.  But now you have to write CVs, Cover Letters, Teaching Statements, and Research Statements, oh my!

There are so many moving parts (documents) to keep track of!

So how do you start applying for jobs when you are in the middle of a busy semester?


You take the Job Application Crash Course.  In the JACC, I walk you through the whole messy process of choosing what types of jobs to apply for, writing all of those documents I mentioned, and submitting a complete application.


Don't worry, I won't just tell you how to create your application materials and send you on your way.  I'll give you examples and templates from my own job application process.


You know, the one where I got 4 on campus interviews in 6 weeks and accepted my dream job before December!


If that sounds like it could help you, enroll in the Job Application Crash Course where you can complete your job application packet and still have time to teach your classes, write your dissertation, and fulfill all of your grad school responsibilities.

What do graduate students think about the course?

This Job Course was absolutely amazing!! I would definitely recommend others to check it out, even if they are not quite ready to apply for jobs because it will help prepare them for later on. Toyin does a perfect job at explaining all the materials needed for applications, and she even helps you prepare these materials. It’s almost like preparing your applications with her one-on-one. She is always available to answer any questions, and she is very motivating throughout the entire process! If you are looking to apply for a job in the near future, please sign up for this challenge. It is so worth it!
— Phylisicia
Having a schedule, encouragement, and tips about writing cover letters helped me stay on track with my job applications. Thanks!
— Megan

What's inside the Job Application Crash Course?

In this crash course for graduate students applying for jobs in academia, you will:

  • Choose the type of jobs you want to apply for
  • Create a job search spreadsheet to stay organized
  • Write at least 2 different CVs
  • Write a teaching statement
  • Write 2 versions of your research statement
  • Ask for letters of recommendation
  • Write cover letters
  • Apply for jobs

The course includes 3 video trainings on CVs, teaching statements, and cover letters with real examples and templates!

Is the Job Application Crash Course for you?

The JACC is for PhD students who are planning to apply for jobs in academia including tenure track professorships, teaching positions, and post doc positions.

The JACC is for PhD students who don't know how to write standout CVs, teaching statements, or cover letters.

The JACC is for PhD students who need someone to tell them exactly what to do when applying for jobs in academia.

The JACC is for PhD students who find the job application process overwhelming and stressful.


If you identify with any of these statements, I would love to have you join the Job Application Crash Course!