22 Email Templates Header.png

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to say or how to sound whenever go to write an email to your professor, department chair, or a professional person that you don’t know?

It’s hard to strike the right balance between too professional and too casual.


Don’t you wish someone would just give you the exact words to say?


That’s what 22 Email Templates is all about.  These are 22 emails that I personally sent throughout my grad school experience.

Wanna know what emails are included?  Here’s the list.

  1. Scheduling Office Hour Appointments
  2. Asking for an Advisor
  3. Asking for a Letter of Recommendation
  4. Accepting a Job Offer
  5. Declining a Job Offer
  6. Notifying Perspective Employers that you have Multiple Job Offers
  7. Applying for a Job by Email
  8. Reference Letter Reminder
  9. Asking for Reference Letters to be Sent by Email
  10. Thank You for Interview
  11. Declining an Interview
  12. Accepting an Interview
  13. Reschedule an Interview
  14. Accepting a Skype Interview
  15. Asking for Advice about Interviews
  16. Agreeing to Write a Reference Letter for your Student
  17. Refusing to Write a Reference Letter for your Student
  18. Asking for Reference Letters for Job Applications
  19. First Day of Class Reminders for Students
  20. Response to Student Death in the Family (or Bad News)
  21. Asking for Committee Members for your Dissertation
  22. Setting a Time for Your Proposal

With 22 Email Templates you will have the exact words to say for all of these situations.  Perhaps you can also use these emails as examples to craft your own messages.